The following men who served in the 2/14th Battalion AIF have recently passed away.

Richard J B DOYLE Cpl.  NX79241 Joined 216/12/1942, served to 13/1/1946  Papua, New Guinea, Borneo                                                                                                                                                   
Frederick C RIGBY Cpl.  N156385/NX116882 Joined 6/7/1943, served to 22/1/1946  New Guinea, Borneo                                                                                                                                                    
Cletus E REID, Pte. VX15318  Joined 20/5/1942, served to 7/11/1945 Middle East, New Guinea, Borneo 

John ‘Jack’ THOMSON, Pte.  VX142459  Joined 16/7/1943, served to Oct 1945 New Guinea

​Lionel L SMITH, Pte.  VX16833 Joined 27/5/1940, served to 5/10/1942 Middle East, Papua

R A (Bob) TURNLEY, Cpl.  VX64855  Joined 3/7/1942, served to 2/11/1944  Papua, New Guinea

Robert KNIGHT Pte. VX67065      Joined 3/7/1942, served to 22/1/1946 Papua, New Guinea, Borneo

Don THOMAS  Capt. NX141901   Joined 16/7/1943, served to 11/8/1945 New Guinea, Borneo

Stanley JENKS  Sgt. V18739/VX85941   Joined 18/6/1945, served to 21/12/1945   Borneo

Valentine GARDNER Lt.  VX51106      Joined 6/8/1942, served to 2/10/1942 Papua

M. G MOORE  L/Cpl. VX79466      Joined 14/5/1943, served to 22/1/1945 New Guinea, Borneo

J Lindsay ROMER Pte.  VX146172    Joined 21/10/1944, served to 14/1/1946 Borneo

George E  WHITECHURCH  Pte.  V386833/VX127008   Joined 2/5/1945, served to 22/11/1945   Borneo

Cameron G THOMPSON Pte.  299976 & VX16377  Joined 27/5/1940, served to 23/8/1945  Middle East, Papua,
New Guinea, Borneo

Peter O FORSTER   Sgt.   VX14065  Joined 24/5/1940, served to 23/10/1941   Middle East

Neville W Nott  Pte.   QX41568  Joined 11/6/1943, served to 30/8/1944  New Guinea

Phillip J KEMP Pte.    WX13879  Joined 19/1/42, served to 22/1/46  Middle East, Papua, New Guinea, Borneo

Kenneth R ASGILL Pte.  N252590/NX168913   Joined 30/11/1943, served to 22/1/1946 New Guinea, Borneo

George R PRIESTLY Pte.  QX52024   Joined 4/7/1944, served to 14/1/1946 Borneo

We shall remember them…

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